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Sanding & Refinishing Services Include:

Your floors are worn and old, what do you do? We recommend sanding and refinishing. This procedure allows your Rutherford, NJ floors to come back to life and look fabulous. Once we arrive, the first thing we do is protect and seal any vents or kitchen cabinets with plastic sheeting and tape. Next, we hook up our machines to our dust containment systems. Sanding begins. We sand your floor to bare wood eliminating all existing finish. After proper preparation, your Rutherford, NJ floor is ready for finish. You can either change the color by applying stain or leave it looking natural by applying quality water based finish. If staining, we apply stain swatches directly on your floor. This allows you to have a better visual of what the final product will look like. We apply a minimum 2 coats of finish to any floor but we recommend 3 for the best protection. Lastly, we will do a walkthrough to answer any questions and make sure you’re satisfied. 

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