How To Maintain Your New Hardwood Floors 1
Our team at North Jersey Wood Floors just completed your project and now you ask yourself, how do I clean and maintain my new floors? No need to worry, we will give you proper instructions in order to keep your floors looking fresh. Wood floors are a porous product meaning that it reacts to moisture. Therefore, the less water that comes in contact with your floor, the better. If you accidentally spill a liquid on your floor it’s fine to use SOME water to clean it up but make sure you wipe it off immediately. Using excessive water on your floors may cause your floor to cup or buckle resulting in repairs having to be made. Next, avoid using the popular “Murphy Oil” or similar products to clean your floors. These products will only harm your floor resulting in uneven sheen, a greasy look and feel, and oil build up. We strongly recommend two products to clean your floors. These products are both spray mops that are very effective. The products are bona premium spray mop and loba spray mop. The bona premium spray mop will be easier to get a hand on because they’re sold in many national retailers such as Home Depot and bed bath and beyond. The loba spray mop will need to be bought online. You as a homeowner will be protecting your floors if you follow these next steps. First, make sure to add felt pads to all furniture that comes in contact with your floor. Next, Vacuum and sweep regularly, eliminating any object that can potentially be dragged and scratch your floors. Use bona or loba spray mop once or twice a month. Finally, make sure temperature and humidity are controlled in your home. This can be done by adding a humidifier and making sure the room temperature is at it’s proper level.